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Have questions about how much Citybox costs, how the subscriptions work see our frequently asked questions below. If your question isn’t answered below, please email us at questions@citybox.us.
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What am I signing up for?
A single gift box filled with local products from the Indianapolis area.

When will I get my box?
If you sign up before the 20th of the month, your box will be shipped at the end of the month! Easy 🙂

What’s inside the box? 
This is the fun part – it’s a surprise – but a good surprise. Not like the surprise of a leaky roof or seeing mold on a sandwich you’ve almost devoured — more like the surprise of running into an old friend at the grocery or stumbling upon the perfect brunch spot on vacation. We promise two things. First, the contents will feature local products within each city’s box. Check out our Blog posts to see some of our previous vendors. Second, the value you get out of the box will be far far far more than the cost of your quarterly subscription. So do yourself a favor and Subscribe or Gift today!

How can my business partner with Citybox?
We are flattered and would love to talk with you about what product or experience you could most easily sample in our next Citybox, so check out our Merchant page!

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